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Many people worked to design, develop, write copy, edit and launch this website. They include:

Overall Site Management:

The site was envisioned and coordinated by Michael Land, the Web Administrator for the National Park Service at the Chesapeake Bay Office. He was assisted on technical issues by Andy Fitch, Lead Application Developer with the National Park Service. Paula Degen of the National Park Service served as content lead for the site, coordinating coordinating numerous content contributors.

Thanks to John Maounis, Superintendant of the Captain John Smith Chesapeake National Historic Trail for his guidance and support and Peggy Wall for assistance with contracting support.

Design and Development

The site was designed and developed by Alexander+Tom, an award-winning web firm located in Baltimore, Md. The team at A+T worked with us to transfer the original vision into a user-friendly, attractive design. They worked tirelessly to create the incredible interactive maps and other tools found thoughout the site.


Content was managed by Paula Degen in conjunction with many contributors, among them: John Page Williams, Deanna Beacham, Andy Bystrom, Wayne E. Clark, Wendy Mitman Clarke, Edward W. Haile, Allison Knight, Marty LeGrand, Ian Plant, Stephen R. Potter, Cindy Ross, John S. Salmon, and Jason Vaughan. Editorial assistance was provided by June Creelman and Apropos Planning.

Photos and more

Photos included on the site come from a variety of talented photographers including  Chris Spielmann, Middleton Evans and Michael Land. Photo coordination was also provided by John Damm and Allison Knight.

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